Water Treatment Super Enzymes

Water Treatment Super Enzymes

Specially formulated enzymes based detergent to degrade starch and ink in your waste water

Councils are now prioritising the regulation of waste water and solids and will soon be commencing remote testing of effluent and increasing fines and costs.

CleanPrint has developed Water Treatment Super Enzymes-Generation 5 (WTSE5G), a systemised product to reduce solids after an initial increase due to system cleaning, whilst improving separation and delivering cleaner waste water when working with Water Technology Systems.

The system automatically doses our proprietary concentrated blend of enzymes that naturally breaks down complex starch and ink molecules produced in the production of cardboard and corrugated boxes, to ensure consistent results.

FEATURES / BENEFITSNew generation environmentally-friendly technology

  • Easy to use
  • 100% natural
  • 100% safe
  • No harsh chemicals or acids
  • Non-toxic & non-caustic
  • No damage to the environment
  • Continues to work after dosage


  • Industrial Waste Water
  • Water Remediation Sites


Enzymes are biological molecule catalysts that act on molecules like starch. They don’t get used up in each reaction and can work in the right conditions until all the starch is broken apart and dissolved.
Enzymes are a part of nature and are fully biodegradable.


This product can either be dosed automatically or manually depending on the requirements. When dosed manually, a predetermined amount of product should be applied to the affected area. When automatically dosed, a specialised unit must be installed and drums changed over as required.

CleanPrint WTSE5G is unique, simple, safe and effective


Cleaning in Place – Enzyme and bacteria based series detergents do not require plant to be disassembled. Other corrugated box industry products include:

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SUPER STARCH OFF – For controlling starch build ups
WATER TREATMENT HYDRO – Bacterial control for waste water control
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