Environmentally friendly cleaning system for water based flexo machines

About Cleanprint Chemicals

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We only produce biochemical solutions for the corrugated packaging industry, so you can appreciate we know and care about our clients,  we are dedicated to you and your industry.

CleanPrint Chemicals has three decades of experience in formulating and  manufacturing cleaning products and systems behind it. We have long supplied  clients in Australia and New Zealand before introducing this revolutionary  technology to North American clients in the corrugated box industry.

We take our global responsibilities seriously and always work towards taking care of the environment by providing excellent value sustainable eco-friendly solutions.

CleanPrint Chemicals CEO is Geoff Literski, a qualified chemist / bio-chemist, he heads a team of enthusiasts bringing constant improvement through R&D, production and customer service to our clients around the world.

Our specialised experience and knowledge in the cardboard packaging industry has allowed us to create the breakthrough ‘Cleaning in Place’ systems we offer. Designed to create a higher consistent level of cleanliness in anilox rollers, in most cases the automated systems installed by Cleanprint Chemicals are supplied and installed at no capital cost when entering into a chemical supply agreement.

Our range of proprietary cleaning solutions for the box industry includes bacterial and enzyme technology offering the latest from our constantly developing research and development programs.

Cleanprint Chemicals supplies companies such as Pratt, Georgia Pacific, International Paper, Green Bay Packaging and many independents, specializing in boxes and other corrugated products, with chemical consulting solutions that ensure the cartons and cardboard products that these companies produce are delivered with superb print clarity whilst using a minimal amount of ink in the process. The corrugated products in these plants are of global ‘best quality’ and the super clean anilox rollers maintained by our ‘Cleaning in Place’ systems, ensure these companies enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage whilst also taking care of the environment.

Cleanprint uses science and chemistry to design a custom made solution for your situation and we will install, with no up-front cost, the equipment required to deliver a cleaning system that is vastly superior to anything else on the market, provided you engage our appropriate supply agreement.

Biodegradable control for waste water

Councils are now prioritising the regulation of waste water and solids and will soon be commencing remote testing of effluent and increasing fines and costs.

CleanPrint Chemicals has developed Water Treatment Systems with various active agents designed for breaking down specific waste contaminants. We offer a systemised product to reduce solids after an initial increase due to system cleaning, whilst improving separation and delivering cleaner waste water when working with Water Technology Systems.

The system automatically doses our proprietary concentrated blend of enzymes and bacteria that naturally breaks down complex starch and ink molecules produced in the production of cardboard and corrugated boxes, to ensure consistent results.

CleanPrint Chemicals work with world class, long term business partners because we focus on helping our clients go to new levels of efficiency and productivity. The Cleanprint team hope you will give us the opportunity to do the same with you.


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